Artist Veronika Surovtseva

Volgograd, Russia

Painting by Veronika Surovtseva is of sharp, dynamic, passionate nature. In her creative work, the artist is guided by her own taste alone, never limiting herself within the confines of any narrow style. She employs colour collision and contrast, without any fear of open colours. The colour in her work vibrates, glimmers, as if living its own life, and, despite the contrasts, is surprisingly harmonious. There is no place for dim, gloomy tints in her paintings. Portraits by the artist are filled with significance, and subjects in a still life look as if alive.
Veronika Surovtseva participated in Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-99" (The Central House of Artist), and in various group shows in Volgograd.


1997 June - VERNISAZH Art Gallery, Volgograd
1997 July - Volgograd Regional Library named after Gorkiy, Volgograd
1999 January - Local History Museum, Volgograd
1999 December - Writers' Union House, Volgograd
2000 March - Exhibition Hall of the Volgograd Art Museum
2005 June - VERNISAZH Art Gallery, Volgograd
2005 August - The Exhibition Hall of Mikhaylovka, Volgograd Oblast

1996 May - Trade Unions Palace, Volgograd
1996 November - Art and Culture Centre, Volgograd
1998 March - Exhibition Hall of Artists' Union, Volgograd
1998 May - Detskaya Gallery, Volgograd
1998 June - Exhibition Hall of the Volgograd Art Museum
1999 March - Moscow International Art Salon. Central House of Artists, Moscow
2000 March - Volgo-Donskoy Investment Bank, Volgograd
2000 June - Exhibition Hall of the Volgograd Art Museum
2004 December – Volgograd Museum and Exhibition Centre
2008 April - Exhibition Hall of Artists' Union, Volgograd

Works are kept in Moscow Applied Art School's museum; in Volgograd Writers' Union; in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, 1998
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, 1999

A print of «The Seventh Proof», 1996: issued 1999 in Volgograd
A print of «Iris», water colour on paper, 1989: issued 1999 in Volgograd

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